The DND™ (Down And Dirty) is all about the essentials – fit, durability and control. It’s built to be affordable and long-wearing, with a supple feel thanks to the Super Fit™ engineered AX Suede™ palm that eliminates excess material and bunching. The upper breathes well, and offers 4-way stretch for maximum comfort dayin and day-out. These features and simple construction make the DND the favorite among dirt jumpers and trail riders alike.


Moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch breathable mesh

High absorbent terry wiping surface

Simple, slip-on design

Reinforced fingertips

Flex zones at the knuckles


Super Fit™ engineered with three-panel palm

Ax Suede™ synthetic microfiber

Silicone, slip on design

Reinforced fingetips

Flex zones at the knuckles


2mm EVA crash pads


Ambient Gel - 'Mens'







Finishing Kit

Renthal Fatbar Carbon 780mm 31.8mm clamp Following on from our hugely successful Fatbar Lite Carbon, we are now excited to expand our carbon line-up with the new Fatbar Carbon.

This new handlebar comes in wider at 780mm and is approved for downhill racing and use with a twin crown fork.

The Fatbar Carbon is an all-new handlebar, not just a wider version of the Fatbar Lite Carbon. We followed the same in depth R&D process with this handlebar as with our previous Fatbar Lite Carbon, with the ride-feel of the bar being of the utmost importance.

Our aluminium Fatbar has been hugely popular and successful, with six World Championship gold medals having been won using this handlebar.

Our mission was to match the ride-feel of the aluminum Fatbar but in a much, much lighter weight carbon package. With extensive R&D testing and data acquisition work, we have proven that this has been achieved. A downhill race handlebar with superb ride-feel characteristics and incredible strength. And all this in a 780mm bar which weighs a mere 225g!

This Fatbar Carbon is much more than the bar of choice for downhill racers. Modern trail riders, enduro racers and 29'er / 27.5in riders are demanding super wide bars at XC race weight. The Fatbar Carbon exactly matches those demands and is certain be the 'must have' handlebar for this huge market of riders.

Following our philosophy of giving the rider spec choice, we have committed to four different rises - 10, 20, 30 and 40mm. No other carbon handlebar brand offers this level of choice to give the rider such a precise fit.

Dirt 100 2016 "A super desirable bar, at the top of the wish list for many riders, whether sponsored professional downhill racers or privateers. This boy won’t let you down".
Cateye Strada Smart CC-RD500B Computer Cateye's Strada Smart Head Unit allows you to sync your smartphone for ride data collection, all from the safety of your jersey pocket.
The Cateye Strada Smart brings Smart technology to Cateye's Strada head unit, giving you ride data whilst preserving the life of your smartphone's battery. Download the free CatEye Cycling app, stow your smartphone away safely in your jersey pocket or saddlebag and get riding. In Mirror Mode, get GPS-powered ride data, SMS (Text), call and email alerts from your phone displayed on the Strada Smart’s screen while your phone is in sleep mode, preserving the battery.
When carrying a phone isn’t ideal, use Sensor Direct Mode to get speed, cadence, heart rate and power data directly from Bluetooth® Smart wireless sensors. After use in either mode, seamlessly upload ride data to CatEyeAtlas™, Strava™ and TrainingPeaks™.

Current speed: 0.0(4.0)~105.9km/h
Average speed: 0.0~105.9km/h
Maximum speed: 0.0(4.0)~105.9km/h
Total distance: 0.0~9999.9/10000-99999km
Trip distance 1: 0.00~999.99km
Trip distance 2: 0.00~999.99/1000.0~9999.9km
Elapsed time: 0:00༼"~9:59ཷ"
Current cadence: 0(20)~199rpm*
Average cadence: 0~199rpm*
Maximum cadence: 0(20)~199rpm*
Current heart rate: 0(30)~199bpm*
Average heart rate: 0~199bpm*
Maximum heart rate: 0(30)~199bpm*
Power: 0~9999watt*
Wireless transmission: Bluetooth® Smart
Clock: 0:00'~23:59' [1:00'~12:59']
Pace arrow: Yes
Auto power saving: Yes
Auto mode: Yes (Auto/Manual start/stop)
Dual tyre size: Yes
Tyre size: 100mm~3999mm (default: 2096mm)
Compatible sensors: CatEye brand ISC-12 Speed/Cadence sensor / HR-12 Heart Rate sensor. Also works with other brand Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate, and/or Power sensors conforming to Bluetooth4.0 CSCP/HRP/CPP
Battery: CR2032 x 1
Battery life: Approx 4 months (The factory-loaded battery life might be shorter than this specification)
Dimension: 47 x 32.0 x 13.2 mm
Weight: 17 grams
*Bluetooth® Smart sensor is required.
Head unit only included. Bluetooth® Smart sensor not included.

Unit now superceeded by Patrone Smart - RRP was £70.

All Prices are inclusive of VAT and Delivery.