The Way Frame Protection Is Meant To Look

I now offer the service of supply and fit of invisiFRAME kits - perfectly cut to size for your bike*. 

However much you have spent on your bike in the first place protecting it will hold it's value** and preserve it's appearance for longer. 

Kits are available in Gloss and Matte to suit your frame and/or fork. 

Cost ranges from £160 - £275 depending on the complexity of the frame and if you are having fork protection too - get in touch to discuss options or to book in your bike. 

We go the extra mile with our install process, gloss paint gets the full decon, polish and degrease before installation and protection over the top, matte gets a decon and degrease and protection over the top, as with a car, getting the paint underneath looking as nice as possible ensures it looks good when the PPF is removed.

We spend roughly a week on gloss painted bikes and 4/5 days on matte as a result of this

How much weight will the invisiFRAME protection add to my frame?


Why will the film not work on my anodized frame?

Unfortunately the anodized surface does not lend itself well to the application of the polyurethane because the adhesive struggles to conform to the coarse surface texture trapping moisture and air under the film. This can result in difficult application and micro bubbles creating a milky appearance.

Why isn’t my size available?

If a kit is available for your bike on the website, but not in your size, this means we have not seen that particular frame size to design the kit. If it is an outgoing frame we will not be designing anymore sizes, but if it is a new or current frame drop us an email and we may be able to let you know if we have one coming to us in your size or if you are in the UK we may be able to get you booked in with us for a design and fit.

Should I fit Decals over or under the invisiFRAME kit?

Decals should always be applied over the kits, to ensure as smooth a service as possible for the kit to be applied to.

Should I select Matte or Gloss?

The kit needs to match your frame finish. If your frame is like a shiny painted car you will need a gloss kit and if it is dull and non-reflective you will need a matte kit. Should your frame be a mixed finish where possible we will add this option.