Cytech certified, our cycle technician, who is also the owner & operator(James), has the experience and facility to fix (almost) any bike which is wheeled into the shop.

We advise contacting us before bringing your bike down due to our collections service, please call or email to find out when we have availability

 (appointments and quotes for work can be made using the form below if you wish to do so.)

  Call - 07891491835       Email -  

We use premium products when we do any work on bikes with tools from Park Tool USA, cleaning and lube from Fenwicks, Juice Lubes, Purple Harry, Muc Off and Finish Line, Cables from Shimano & Clarkes. If you have a specific product you would like us to use i.e. sil-tec coated cables we will happily provide these at an additional charge to the package.

If you wish to use our collection and return service, please let us know when you get in touch. To allow us to be competitive, we are only able to offer this complementary if you spend £45, a small charge will be included if this is not the case.

We don't have pricing on here due to the differences between different types of bike. Please get in touch if you want a quote. Discounts are available if you have multiple bikes for servicing.

Race Tune/Mid Season Check (from £45) - Re-tention of cables, tyre/tube check & inflation, Brake fluid & pad check, Drivetrain wear check, degrease and lube.

Bronze Service (from £60) - As Mid Season Service + bearing service (Wheel, Headset & Bottom Bracket). We will inform of any additional work for worn items.

(+ £5p/c for Steel inner cables, additional £15 for Shimano Sil-tec coated gear cables (50% reduction)

We will always start with a basic service unless otherwise instructed - we will appraise along the way as to whether extra work needs to be undertaken e.g. full cable outers, worn parts, brake fluid.

Silver Service (from £80 - Bronze service + new inner & outer cables/hydraulic fluid, drivetrain deep clean & re-lube.

(+£15 for Shimano Sil-tec gear cable upgrade)

Gold Service (from £120) - Silver Service + Full strip down of the bike to component parts, clean, replace where necessary and rebuild bike. 

(+£10 for Shimano Sil-tec gear cable upgrade)

We will always contact if we believe a part should be replaced before the bike is collected/returned to you unless otherwise agreed before work is undertaken.

Additional services (from £10 minimum labour charge): -

1. Suspension/Seatpost Servicing - Combination of on site and outsourced servicing available.

2. Drivetrain Comprehensive clean & lube.

3. Gear/ Cable Brake adjustment.

4. Hydraulic Brake Bleed & Adjustment.

5. Wheel True.

6. Wheel Build.

7. 3rd Party Part Fitting (i.e. online purchase).

Contact for a quote, or to book into the workshop.

Custom Build

This is an area where we can work with you to get the perfect bike. We have knowledge of a large range of brands, however we know we don't know everything about bikes (no-one does!) so if you want to have a part we haven't heard of, we will help to make it a reality so you can really stand out on the road, around town or on the trails. 

If you wish to have a bike built up we have 3 options for you (from £75)

1. New frame & existing parts - we will help you choose that perfect frame to work with your old parts.

2. Old frame & new parts - we will  help you get the right parts to work with your beloved frame, ensuring all parts work perfectly. 

3. New frame & parts - we will help you get the perfect bike for your requirements and build it up so it fits you perfectly.

4. Old frame & old parts - option for when you have a snapped frame and want to swap the parts to a donor frame. 

Contact us for more info & pricing.